Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016

You are enough

You have to know that you are good enough and worth it. 
Once you master belief in yourself no one can steal 
the love from you.


  1. Da hast du ja sowas von Recht, mir geht es mit den Selbstzweifeln genauso. Wieso sind andere besser, was kann ich machen um besser zu werden...Zweifel über Zweifel. Natürlich ist ein gewisser Ansporn ganz gesund, aber man sollte sich nicht dadurch kaputt machen lassen :)

    Liebst, Colli

  2. Hello! I love your blog so much; you have a really beautiful design! I really liked what you said about being enough because I think that is a really important message that we should share to everyone, especially young girls as we have lot of pressure to be perfect. I have followed your blog because I think it’s so good!!! I would love it if you had a look at my blog; I’m a very passionate blogger but I’m quite new and really need the support! Perhaps we could become friends? Thank you so much, Jeani xxx